Wren and Stimpy

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CodeBreaker (Mat Cousineau@Chance Cube) 1073

Here is what I think could be one of the better decks in the new meta. The strategy is to focus on getting only 1 upgrade on Sabine Wren - Explosives Expert, and what you really want to do is cycle the ambush upgrades out of the discard onto Sabine with her ability so you can resolve what you roll immediately. Ideally you want a DL-44 Heavy Blaster Pistol on her and another in the discard and just cycle those... but you will likely need the X-8 Night Sniper to ramp up to that. Once you get one weapon on sabine, your goal is to load Poe Dameron - More Than A Pilot up with red weapons. Ideal setup on Poe is Poe Dameron's Blaster, an A280 Blaster Rifle and an IQA-11 Blaster Rifle. This deck is half Sabine doing what she does and half a "poe its a trap" deck. If your opponent isn't playing range, you can easily use its a trap with focus' or specials for some great plays as well.

The battlefield Main Plaza - Vashka is great since this is such a fast deck, you can heal one per turn and throw that into an opponent in a timely manner. Just don't forget about that damage on the card, it can easily backfire if you're not paying attention.

Impersonate and Second Chance to mess with your opponents targeting decisions.

Running Interference works amazingly with Heat Of Battle. Ideal situation is to roll out poe with Hit and Run, roll out sabine with her ability gaining you an ambush action. with the ambush action you play heat of battle to turn all of your dice to damage sides. This is the first action of the turn so your opponent doesn't have any dice in the pool. Exhaust running interference so your opponent cannot play a card to mitigate any of the damage and wreck face! This works well as the last action of the turn if you happen to slow play a turn and your opponent has no more dice or as the first action of the round. Absolutely deadly and really not that difficult to pull off.

In most cases your opponent will target Sabine first in which case you pull the A280 out of the discard pile onto her with her ability when she's at about 8 damage that way you can get a red redeploy weapon onto Poe once she dies.

Friends in low places and Fair Trade are specific tech for Thrawnkar however they are still very handy against other decks. Swap them out as your local meta requires.

Your perfect starting hand is 2 dl44's, smuggling, loth cat for mitigation and running interference but what you're really doing a hard mulligan for is two ambush weapons to start that Sabine cycle early. Playing a smuggling as your first action, discarding dl44 and gaining a resource is a perfect turn 1 play. Sabine wants those ambush upgrades in the discard pile anyway, may as well gain a resource putting it there in the first place.

Let me know what you think folks! You can reach me at mat@thechancecube.com or find me on any of the destiny facebook pages.

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talism 36

you get a like just for the name

WayneMcPain 138

This is disgusting.

kbfresh147 71

My only question is why the IQA and Second Chance instead of 2 Holdout Blaster? You talk about trying to get ambush weapons on Sabine as soon as possible and then omit the one easiest to play first turn. I do think mostly red weapons is the way to go though as It's a Trap! is probably the scariest card that Hero's have access to whenever facing a deck with ranged damage (which seems highly likely with the introduction of Captain Phasma - Ruthless Tactician). I'm also curious why Friends in Low Places is a tech for Thrawnkar, to remove Buy Out? I really like the idea behind this deck though, will definitely try it out in the near future!

BobLobLaw94 GDP 208

I'd definitely try to find room for two Holdout Blaster as they have ambush. Without them you only have 4 ambush weapons. Granted once the loop starts going you don't need anymore than the two you are looping. Could drop Friends in Low Places or "Fair" Trade if your local meta doesn't call for them.

CodeBreaker (Mat Cousineau@Chance Cube) 1073

@kbfresh147 yes friends in low places is mostly for buyout however whenever I roll poorly with Sabine, I’ll play this card with the ambush action, take away my opponents removal option for my rerolls or focuses. Iqa is there for it’s a trap mostly, works for with ranged side or special side. And the reason I don’t have holdout is because I’m this deck I prefer the A280 because it’s red and also has redeploy. @Gosko94 the reality is I only really NEED one ambush weapon early, I prefer two but only need 1. Reason is I can always overwrite another weapon over the original ambush weapon on Sabine, which puts it in my discard pile and the nex turn, do the Sabine trick. Slows you down by one action but this deck is pretty quick anyway and so far in my playtesting it is extremely rare that I don’t have 2 ambush weapons by turn 2.

LoboGuarah 1

You can allways put a Scavenge to recycle Second Chance or the get a chance with dropping weapons that Sabine can use...

BergerFett 1

is it worth dropping aq and 1 poe's for 2 hold outs, or 2 thermal paints. I feel like, while you can not plan on fulling locking out an opponent, having the option with thermal paint and running interference is worth it. thoughts?

Masume 1125

This was the first pairing I did with Sabine and it wrecks hard. New Poe is pretty awesome. I'll post it later and we can compare notes. That said I don't think the Rifle is right for this deck. Also needs Thermal nades. They are devastating to 3 char lists.

CodeBreaker (Mat Cousineau@Chance Cube) 1073

@BergerFett I have no interest in the lockdown because i'm 100% certain that ffg won't allow it to be a thing for very long. That being said I have updated my list to include 2 thermal paints. Once you have your opponent down to one character, doing the extra damage for 1 resource per turn is just nasty. Poe's blaster is just so strong on poe and the synergy with the specials is deadly so I can't bring myself to take it down to just 1. You and @Masume are both recommending to drop the Iqa, i have it in there because its the 3 drop weapon with the most synergy with It's a Trap!. the special does 2 unblockable and that +3 is just nasty! Between It's a Trap! and Heat Of Battle I have lots of opportunity to fix my dice and resolve them without mitigation so those two sides on the IQA-11 Blaster Rifle make it worth it for me... Still early in testing though so we'll see if it continues to make the list. Finally, the thermal detonator has never really done it for me, having to discard it, even after doing the damage, is just painful. I realize you can bring it back with Sabine but then you lose the ambush loop which is what this version of the deck is built around. I'd consider putting one in the list and then pulling it out with her ability at an opportune time near endgame situationally but it doesn't quite fit in with what i'm trying to do with this list. The updated version of this list is published, feel free to check it out and let me know what you think.

Dave Sharona 611

Why no All In?

With PoeDeuce's double focus, it's VERY powerful if you don't roll the way you want with Sabine

CodeBreaker (Mat Cousineau@Chance Cube) 1073

@Dave Sharona all in could be a solid card in this deck, depends on a few things I suppose. My primary question I ask about a card before it makes the cut is: “will it always do something?” And if it doesn’t always do something, how often will it do something? And finally when it does do something, is it powerful enough to trump the amount of times it does nothing? You also have to consider do you have other cards/abilities that do something similar? After asking myself these questions, I don’t think All In would make the cut in this deck. Primarily because all in makes it so you can fix and resolve your dice without mitigation. With efficient use of running interference/heat of battle/friends in low places and poes special and focus, I feel like I can usually pull off resolving my dice without being mitigated in those big moments. All that being said, try it out and let me know what you removed and how it performed. I’ve been wrong before!

Masume 1125

Here's the version I have, made it day one and been tuning it since...it focuses mostly on quick aggro with defensive options. Idea is just to lay out damage fast. I find that I don't really need the events to turn dice to damage, two dice Poe will almost always roll one kind of resolve on his die. This kind of keeps the deck lean so that your either dealing damage or defending when you need to. Let me know what you think. ;)


imanolm 10

CodeBreaker (Mat Cousineau@Chance Cube) 1073

updated list available post errata. swdestinydb.com the new list has a new write up as well.