5 Die Competitive Villain Redeploy/Vehicle Deck

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WaddlezGaming 7

This deck is super fun. I have always played hero for x wing and destiny, but as soon as I saw this I wanted to try this out. After playing around with it a bit I swapped a lot of stuff around. This is most likely my final list.

Mulligan really depends what you're going against.

If you are running against a list that has imperial inspection you want to Mulligan for rend, quadjumpers, supply line, salvage stand, riot control baton, and control. All those are decent cards to start with.

If you're not running against imperiel inspection I would Mulligan for some guns, aftermath, supply line,quadjumpers, salvage stand, and control.

All these weapons have redeploy. 95 percent of the time they will know to go for Bala. So put weapons on him. Sometimes they go for Ciena which is good for you and if you haven't thrown out guns yet go ahead and throw em on her.

You rarely will ever claim the battlefield with this deck. Not really your goal. Usually you will win roll off for battlefield if there's is neutral like most eisley or it doesn't really help them too much you can go for theirs, but if it is beneficial just choose your most eisley because they will claim 95 percent of the time.

Pretty much goal is to get as many supports and guns into play as possible. Once you pull that slave 1 or at st go ahead and roll in quadjumper resolve then use action to make at st cost 3 or slave 1 cost 1. Use Cienas action to ready slave 1 or at st if the opportunity is good to do so. Like killing a character to ready Bala or just to Lilly a character or if u have an excess amount of resources for some reason.

It takes awhile to play this deck to remember everyone's abilities. Hell I even forgot to ready Bala after killing a character a couple times in beginning. Remember you can reroll riot control baton and even the guavian enforcer has an ok ability.

Play around with the deck. I don't know if it will be a top tier 1 deck, but I think it will be competitive and be fun to play.

Sorry about any grammar errors. Wrote this on phone

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hoopjones 2

I don't understand quadjumper if you only have 2 vehicles in the deck...

WaddlezGaming 7

There's 3 vehicles and the quadjumper provides a great early game die in getting resources, keeping people alive, and focus to have consistent damage early on. Also it would be near impossible to play At-st or slave 1 without it. My original deck had a 2nd hounds tooth and another vehicle. Play around with it and see what you like best

chazz 157

Looks fun! Without Poe/Maz clogging up the meta. Decks that go wide like this can be really effective. Thoughts on dropping One-Quarter Portion for the card that requires you to spot a vehicle to remove?

WaddlezGaming 7

Yes I think that card Pinned Down is great. I wanted to work it in. I think it would work great instead of One Quarter Portion. I may have to try it out as well. I agree. I played Poe/Maz and it just wrecked and was so easy to play. Didn't take very much thought at all. It's fun to play a lot of different stuff.