Hawaii Regional Winner Decklist (8-2 overall)

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NSW (Australia) Regional Championship Winner - Starter Baes 35 28 11 2.0
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Test regionals 0 0 0 1.0

freakshow808 38

Top 4 Decks for the Hawaii Regional:

  1. R2P2
  2. R2P2
  3. eHux/eJabba
  4. Sabine/Ezra
9 comentários

Darth Sever 1

this deck looks familar.....its like I played this person at a tournament recently

freakshow808 38

Hmmmm, what did you play?

Husher315 23

Shocked that you don't have It Binds All Things in there! I went 5-0 tonight with a similar deck.

freakshow808 38

`@Husher315 while play testing I found its usefulness inconsistent, especially in the late game. I decided to run 2 force illusions and all in

caseymalone 12

Woah, any idea what the eHux/eJabba deck looked like?

freakshow808 38

swdestinydb.com Here's the link to the deck and the write-up

GoPro2000 1

The two starter decks in the 2-player game are actually pretty good.

GoblinMatron 1

Hey i play a similar deck but I'm going to also remove the it bind all thing, Was wondering if you had some info on how to beat Seventh sister deck ? it cut through me so easliy.

freakshow808 38

@GoblinMatron Sorry I have no experience with this against the 7th Sister with R2P2. I would probably just work down 7th Sister as fast as possible, trying to limit how many droids she can get out. After that, should be easy.