Miami Regional 2nd Place - Rieekan/Yoda/Jedha

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First off, i want to give credit to Brian Lindberg and Will Klein as being the originators of this deck list. When I started testing for Regionals, I started out testing a completely different deck and then through testing against Mill, i decided to make the switch because i am a huge fan of alternate win condittions.

Here is how i got to 2nd Place: 1st round: bye (store champion free pass)

2nd round: Kylo2/talzin: This matchup is actually very scary for fill because Villain blue can spam the board with upgrades with Sith Holocron. More importantly, they run Force Rend, which can remove C-3p0's and chance cubes. I was able to overcome this by using a well times Fall back to remove 3-4 upgrades, and used removal for force rend for 2 turns to get c-3p0 to do his thing just long enough.

3rd round: Mirror match: Mill mirror matches are pretty weird, but i won the battlefield roll, and i hit chance cube/c3p0 by turn 2 so i out raced my opponent quickly.

4th round: Obi/Maz: this match i was able to mitigate to at least 1 obi's dice a turn, and i think round 3 i hit 6 damage with an easy pickings. i won fairly comfortably,

5th round: Sabine/Ezra - got crushed by the eventual winner of the event. Never tell me the odds is disgusting.

6th round: Sabine/Yoda - much the same result. got Never tell me the odds twice.

7th round: Sabine/Yoda - i want to bang my head against a wall right now..THREE sabine decks in a row. I got very fortunate that my opponent had no idea how to play against Mill (which he admitted before the game even started). I was able to take advantage of the protective mentor/hunker down combo from turn 1, and he could not power through my Shields. He ignored my resources and i was able to do what i want. He kept re-rolling his disrupt sides (to my enjoyment), which he rolled A LOT of. Once i played one entrenched, the game was basically over, because i kept the shields on and he also targeted rieekan, the largest health character in the pool. by the time he killed rieekan, his ability was shut off anyway. I won this one with a All Quiet on the front for 3 cards, c3p0 mill of 2 cards, and yoda special to mill the card he put on top with starship graveyard. Surprisingly, the deck did not run never tell me the odds.

Top 8 Cut: I got very lucky in being on the side of the bracket with all of the vehicle lists. (2 of them and 1 obi/maz, which lost in top 8 round) The other side was Sabine/ezra, Sabine/yoda/, Boba/Seventh sister.

Top 8 (7th seed) - Aayla/Rose/Ezra - i won this best of 3 easily, as my opponent did not take advantage of his disrupt sides and let me play my entrenched early. i was able to do what i wanted the whole match so he really never had a chance of getting damage through.

Top 4 - Aayla/Rose/Ezra - This match went to time after 90 minutes. The first match i was able to Win because i hit 2x scrap heap and was ablet to shield up. it was a loooong grindy match though and took a lot of time to complete. Game 2, the full choke was on, as my opponent knew that if he kelp me choked of money, he had a chance. about turn 3, i look up at the clock and there is 32 minutes to go in the match. Seeing as i was behind in the game, i decided to concede the 2nd match to go to the 3rd match. This decision was critical in enabling me to win the match. near the end of game 3, my opponent had no deck, but 4 cards left in his hand. we had just ended the turn and the timer was at 10 seconds. i snap played hyperspace jump before the timer expired, because i did not have c-3po in my hand, and my first one was vandalized. I drew the last 3 cards of my deck to get c-3p0, played it, and with Scout on the table, i was able to hit 3 cards out of his hand with those two, and my opponent did not recognize that he could claim the battlefield to win the game, because i was also down to 1 card in hand. instead he rolled out some dice, i claimed, and he was 1 damage short of doing lethal to me. I Squeaked out the Win!!!!

Final match - Sabine/Ezra - this matchup was against my friend Andrew Cox, who very decidedly won this match. I was not able to stop never tell me the odds, and even though i was able to play one fallback on him, it only slowed him down for 1 turn, since sabine can just bring her upgrades back. Going into the final i knew full well that this is pretty much an Auto loss, but i played my hardest and didn't get on tilt. i needed to get lucky and mill the NTMTO, but that never happened.

Deck Tech: i testing a few different supports such as republic cruiser, medical droid, yoda's hut, and air superiority. i wanted more dice in this list since any kind of removal hurt since this is so light on dice.

Republic cruiser: the special on that dies gives me 3 shields across the board or 2 shield on one character, but the effect was just too expensive, i needed to keep the pressure on every turn with fallback or hyperspace jump. entrenched was a better fit and it was already in the deck anyway.

medical droid - although cheap, it wasn't impactful at all. it only mattered if i had both out, and even then it was 'meh'.

yoda's hut - this card is realllly good in limited, but the cost is too much for me in this deck. getting a resource is not guaranteed, and i had better ways of generating resources and shields, so this was not needed.

Air superiority - this was a late cut, i found that with hunker downs and entrenched, i didn't need this card and i could get better value out of the card slots.

Friends in Low Places/scruffy looking Nerf Herder - even though partisan is the early target, it it important to see FILP early to pluck out vanalizes or any other key event cards like leadership or price of failure. In addition, there were 3 matched where i drew into both FILP and Scruffy and played the 1-2 punch and was able to call my shot. Scruffy and FILP combined removed about 4-5 vandalizes throughout the tournament. Gotta keep chance cubes and c-3p0 alive.

field medic - like medical droid, i just found that this card does nothing for the 1 resource and card slots. The 2-4 healing you get from this is only relevant when you are looking at lethal damage on the other side of the table. i cut my one copy, along with Air superiority's for FILP and Scruffy.

scout - i also tested with 2 scouts, and i almost put two in the deck, but i really wanted the scruffy looking nerf herder, and it was way better value. 1 scout was plenty.

8 comentários

Shayde 38

Playing against this deck was like I was not even playing the same game. Flying completely blind. Never saw a mill deck in play until that day. Sabine just had to keep shooting whatever moved but there were shields everywhere!!!

I hope I never see a mill deck again. Worst play experience I have ever had, twice. Both decks run by two super-nice guys. Weird dichotomy.

AndrewL12 220

Republic cruiser only gives you 2 shields no matter how you resolve it. Jedha isn't unique ;). Just sayin' hehe. LONG LIVE THE ANDREWS


Lol yes it's only 2 shields I misspoke. ANDREWS UNITE!!!

CharlieWonka 128

I still like feint with Rieekan. Was this anywhere in your considerations?

superabsurd 354

Wait, are we having an Andrew party in here? Because if we weren't before we are now. Andrew reporting in.

tunewalker 74

Have you thought about adding in something like sound the alarm or force illusion to counter those never tell me the odds plays.

Parksy 1

Never tell me the odds normally comes hand in hand with a Running Interference, so a mitigation card can't be played.

Shayde 38

I took the card out just because when I had the opportunity I never had the cash. Got better returns dropping two thermals in.