2018 Worlds Top 80 Mill

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Hearing a lot of buzz about my deck so decided to finally share. As far as I know I was the only mill going into day 2, wish it had been a better day.

Day 1 Matches...

1: WIN - 2xHired Gun/Ezra/Rookie Pilot

Was hoping for vehicle deck matchups and got my wish first match. He started to make a comeback after playing Maz’s Vault but that also accelerated my deck and allowed me to finish strong.

2: WIN - eSabine/Kanan

Thought I was screwed as mill just feeds Sabine early. Managed to get through a lot of cards pretty fast and Jump at the end to win.

3: WIN - eHondo/eYoda

Had a lot of practice against variations of this deck. Kept shields up hard and resources up and nailed some key cards early to keep him from staking upgrades.

4: LOSS - eRey/eAayla

Did everything I could to stop the consistent damage from this deck. He got both lighbows down and the rest is history.

5: WIN - eBoba/eSeventh

This poor guy had some of the crappiest rolls I had seen all day and when did get some I had the shields or mitagation in hand. Still managed to put a lot of damage down but in the end it wasn’t enough.

6: LOSS - eKylo2/eTalzin

Shouldn’t have lost to this deck, had a lot of practice against it. I got caught up in making it to day 2 and made the rookie mistake of thinking my record didn’t matter after day 1. Tried a bunch of things I wouldn’t normally do and he got me in the end. Live and learn I guess.

Day 2...sigh...

7: LOSS - eRey/eAayla

1 resource or bad die roll from winning this game. Milled him with nothing left but to roll out Rey and pray he doesn’t roll the exact amount he needed... he got it. Sitting on a shield card that would have saved me and the resource was one action away.

8: LOSS - ...eRey/eAayla

Seriously hate this deck now. Played the “God-Rolling Queen” from Brazil. Every roll was damage on almost all dice and I only have so many shields and cards to stop them. Clutch CQA by her right before I was going to Jump out of a lot of damage, she nailed both my Jumps and one Strength Through Weakness. Managed to get her down to 4 cards left in hand when I died.

9: LOSS - Some sorta vehicle deck.

After having to deal with the one deck that had my number 2 times in a row and 3 times in the tourney, I decided to just give that guy the win. I lost all my focus after those last two matches and didn’t want to waste the guys time, though I had a high chance of winning this one.

Will post more in the comments...

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Deck isn’t complicated.

In a Hondo and vehicle meta shields are just as good as dice removal. With Sabine I was able to keep enough shield up to stop a lot of her damage output and with 31 points of health to start, its an uphill battle.

At least everyone I played went through 9-15 shields. The ReAaylas that beat me all dealt almost 45+ damage to win, not counting what I removed or jumped out of.

Playing mill, I was able to hit key cards like vibroknife, lightbow, and obi saber to stop the shield strip or unblockable damage. Those matches I lost were mostly due to lightbows or an obi saber.

outro 151

This looks like a fun deck to pilot ;)


Key cards...

Scrap heap for Hondo, also accelerates the crap out of this deck.

Carbon Freezing Chamber for anyone. Mostly a scare tactic to get my shields and mill going. I really only used it in 2 matches. The Hondo match, I would take a Hondo die and cut his damage and resource intake in half early. And in day 2 first match Rey/Aayla I took the Aayla die which kept me in the game.

Tenacity... Surprise, you got me down to one character now exhaust half your damage (or more) output while I finish milling you. This card was clutch, claiming early and first action this to imobolize a Sabine, Hondo, or Seventh really caught people off guard. Wish I could find a way to run 2 but don’t think I’d use both.

This deck is mostly about keeping shields up and saving those discards for towards the end. Always tried to get a Scruffy, Scrap Heap, and a cheap shield card in case they took my battlefield. First turn Scruffy for an upgrade stings especially when followed by a caution or two to get my shields.

And feel free to let them remove dice, that’s essentially a free discard.


Theredworm 31

Sabine kanan player here. Man that was a tough game. In the back of my head leading to worlds I wanted to play mill and should have. Oh well next year. Gg again.

Jiveturkey 1

First, great job on going to day 2! You give all of us mill players hope. I just curious, with only 2 upgrades in your build did you consider running/testing fallback in the build? it seems like it would be a good fit. Also how often did you use strength through weakness. I know with the yoda variant it's not needed a lot. Thanks, and great job again!

DHaus 478

Hey man! I was your round 4 opponent. That was a great game. Had a really good time playing you. Congrats on taking a unique deck to Worlds and doing so well!


@Jiveturkey Played at least one a game, usually my goal to get one played to help accelerate things. Fall Back was almost added the night before before day 1, I had just forgot it and ended up with Superior Position instead which got used a lot luckily.

@DHaus My first loss to Rey/Aayla, lol, who knew that combo would be my downfall. Did have fun at least and it was a nice gut check after starting 3-0, hopefully cya next year!

GregtheBiz 379

Surprised to not see a Disarm in this deck, to use the powerful wookie die with.


@dustin13862 Relying on that Wookiee for C-3PO to get discards is bad enough. I tried Disarm before and found it rarely got played due to the inconsistent Wookiee die. I haven’t tried it since adding Aayla Secura - Jedi General which loves to roll those 2 sides when I want her special.

Sparetomato 1

Interesting inclusion of Superior Position when playing Mill, I rarely control the battlefield.

Did you use it at all?


@Sparetomato I mostly ended up using it towards the end of my games, which at that point I’m claiming faster. I do remember ditching it once cause I got it too early and it was burning a hole in my hand.