eZeb/eLobot THAT'S A LOT OF DAMAGE! #RoadtoWorlds2019

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behindthedice 644

Comments and suggestions always welcome!

Zeb Orrelios - The Last Lasat really packs a punch. His ability allows you to have a combination of different upgrades that would be effective. There are a lot of blue pairings with Zeb that are good, but I really want to see how he pairs with a red character. Lobot - Cyborg Aide is a character who does not see much tournament play, mainly because there has not been any great pairings. This allows upgrades like Electrostaff, DH-17 Blaster Pistol, and Overkill. Vibrocutlass, Zeb Orrelios' Bo-Rifle, and Second Chance are the yellow upgrades, and Holdout Blaster mainly for its ambush and redeploy. Don't forget about those red events! Defensive Position, Dug in, Field Medic, Hit and Run make the list, just like most red hero decks. Yellow events include Electroshock and Easy Pickings for mitigation, and Truce for resource generation. I also threw Maz's Vault for more resources. And of course, the All In play can be devastating for your opponent. Emperor's Throne Room - Death Star II is the right battlefield for this deck so that you can claim early (especially for Defensive and Dug In) and you can still use Lobot's awesome special!

This deck has a ton of damage potential and a nice balance of dice control and resource generation. Thank you for checking out my list!

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outro 151

I kinda like this. A Never Tell Me The Odds could kick a punch here. Not sure about that battlefield tough. Rather grab one for resource generation than taking advantage of a special that may or may not come up on the roll.

outro 151

Oh, and I really like Lobot. I've paired him with Cad Bane to see if I could make something of that merc and got myself an heavy hitter with moderate success rate.

behindthedice 644

@outro Never Tell Me The Odds was something I considered, it's just 3 cost in an already expensive deck. Worth trying out though! And pairing Lobot - Cyborg Aide with Cad Bane - Vicious Mercenary seems like a very interesting idea! Thanks for the feedback!

Scactha 856

Good point in Lobot and Emperor's Throne Room - Death Star II. A measly 1 in the pool alongside any Lobot die would mean 3 damage on the claim. Not shabby for the effect and tempo.