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The Pryce of Vader 0 0 0 3.0

VillainRed 107

"From my point of view the jedi are evil!" -Anakin Skywalker

The idea of this deck

Dealt a lot of damage with Vader and try to avoid damage on him with the guardian on Lobot, Crash Landing and The Best Defense, Dug in and Indomitable.

Battlefield choice

I decided to pick Emperor's Throne Room - Death Star II to claim fast and take advantage of the specials.

4 comentários

Ramin2-D2 525

replace Lobot with the new character Pryce

Razelll 244

@Ramin-2D2 Who is Pryce?

VillainRed 107

@Ramin-2D2 Yeah, she is a monster, but until the release this is the best we have

@Razelll A new character spoiled who makes a very good partner for this Vader

LutanHojef 1

I really like this deck, and Pryce will only make it better. Lobot's ability is really good with this deck, and your opponent had better have the removal that's needed for it to get rid of his special or vader's dice.