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Funkadelik Jedi 34

Updated hero vehicle idea. Though only 1 dice with wedge his power action is similar to a refocus die, which he can do every turn. Draw for at least 1 vehicle, and try to get resource & die removal cards first hand too. Build up vehicles and supports over time to overwhelm, and use meat shield hit points of Wedge and Hired Gun to outlast opponent. Rose generally dies early, but best to preserve her as long as possible for resistance bomber and modified HWK-290. Any tips?

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Razelll 244

A Y-Wing instead of Quadjumper, C-3PO instead of Maz's Vault, and x2 Rally Aid instead of x2 Truce, are the changes I would make. Also, 12 vehicles might be a little too much.

GregtheBiz 379

I agree with @Razelll, definitely need x2 Rally Aid and x2 Y-Wing. You can easily lose the 5-cost Millennium Falcon and Pirate Speeder Tank. The Maz's Vault could also go, it hurts you more to give your opponent the extra resources than it helps you. Same resoning for Truce.

Nogutsnoglory11 253

Good choice in character pairing! I have a deck on here with the same characters that managed to get me to top 8 in the European Championship. I have to agree with @dustin13862 and @Razelll, Rally Aid makes the deck so much stronger. I've recently switched my two tech team out for two truce as the suprise mitigation plays and instant resource generation seems like a much better fit. Also C3PO is such a great card that 2 copies of him makes all the difference as you always tend to see him by round 2 or 3 at the latest. Hope you have as much luck as I have had with it :)