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H.Sack 64

What are everyone's thoughts? I think it's pretty good.

13 comentários

Hessian Sack 1207

Looking at it now, Shoto Lightsaber is probably a weak card, will swap for Stun Baton I think. Power of the Dark Side is really strong with two blanks on the characters, and almost guarantees 2 damage from my Executioners, as long as they don't roll a resource.

Razelll 226

@Hessian Sack Are you the same person as "H. Sack"?

Hwedlor 7

yes they are

Hessian Sack 1207

@Hessian Sack is my personal account, and H.Sack is my brother/sister/my shared account.

Kajs 1

Why you not chose 7th Sister instead of Anakin?

joemasilotti 1245

Two sides on those Executioner, Executioner's Axe, and Z6 Riot Control Baton dice... you gotta run Anger!

Fenn Rau II 110

What about replacing Shoto with Crafted Lightsaber? Better damage, same cost.

Hessian Sack 1207

@Kajs I really like Anakin, in villain mode, he has three two damage sides, a shield, a resource and a blank, which is amazing for a 10/13 cost character (comparing to Kylo Ren in particular, comparing to Yoda wouldn't be fair). As for Seventh Sister, I just don't like her. She's really good in the right place, but I don't own her, and her ability isn't particularly useful here.

@joemasilotti I didn't even consider it! I'll probably swap some for the Close Quarters Assaults.

@Fenn Rau II Yeah, that's what I'll probably do. Alternatively, I might put it Temptation for resource generation and the blanks to fuel other stuff like Power of the Dark Side (I want to add a second one, by the way), and the Anger previously mentioned.

RebelTraitor 85

I've been trying elite Bala and a blockade over anakin

Hessian Sack 1207

@RebelTraitor cool! What are your thoughts on it?

evilgit 1

I’d think you’d have resource problems with so many pay sides. And only electostaff and the battlefield to help.

Hessian Sack 1207

@evilgit good point. I'll throw in a Imperial HQ or two. Resource gen was always going to be the weak point here...

CB71 1

I like this list. Is there an updated version?