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bahdog80 26

a fun theme deck i think

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Fresck 227

hey! I tried something a bit like this avec the wombo combo profiteering and ordnance, which I find so cool! (I played lando, since he has 2 sides of ressource like han)

May I suggest hasty exit instead of leverage? It basically does the same thing, but costs 0 ^^

Also, this is a secret so keep it for you, i'm starting to use widely currently my favourite surprise card : Daring Gambit!! That thing can kill a character on the spot, and since you only have yellow dice, you surely can hit 1 die with damage! This card converted some crappy rolls into kill moves... Give it a try ;)

rogue6548 44

Love it. I like the Profiteering/Ordnance Launcher tech, but is it really better than starting the game with one additional resource via Profitable Connection, allowing a turn 1 play of Ordnance Launcher/Chewbacca's Blaster Rifle/Han Solo's Blaster?