What the flying fleet...?

Simulador de compra de cartas
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treygosfa 287

More outright fun. This deck looks ridiculous, but is a lot of fun and can pound out damage. I like to start with at least one Tech Team, and the XS Stock Light Freighter. Aftermath, Truce, and Logistics are also great, and I never really mind seeing a TIE Fighter. A great start involves using the Power Action on Wat Tambor - Techno Union Foreman to play the XS Stock Light Freighter, rolling it in and hoping for a special. If it hits special, resolve it with the ambush action, and use the additional action granted by the special to roll it out again with its 2 resources waiting. If you don't roll a special, fear not! It should be fairly easy to find a resource, and use the Power Action on Watto - Stubborn Gambler, to roll for the special, which if hit gives you 2, plus the 2 when you resolve it, and another additional action! Once you get a little cash, play a Hailfire Droid Tank for the one indirect pings on all the vehicles you will be playing. Getting 2 out is silly, and Planetary Bombardment is an obvious bomb. Stack monies, flood the board, a little flair with the Power Action'ed XS Stock Light Freighter, and you're really gonna surprise some people. I have other versions using either single die Sebulba - Cutthroat Podracer and AR or elite for the XS Stock Light Freighter and Sebulba Always Wins shenanigans (minus Logistics and The Best Defense..., for obvious reasons. I also have a version with 2 Battle Droid along with the double dubs. (Wat/Watto) just for good fun. The droids seem to help pump the damage up, Sebulba is most janky fun, and Piett is most consistent. Play em and enjoy.

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