Finalist - 45 player Primes, Gaming VS. Cancer Southampton

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This is the deck that I took to the finals of the 45 player Prime Championship at Gaming vs Cancer.

I'd like to Thank Carl Sheppard for organizing such an incredible event - this was my third year attending the event competing in destiny - -20 players year 1, 32 players year 2, and finally showing growth with 45 players in attendance this year.

About Gaming vs Cancer Clix For Cancer started in 2013 as a small, local Heroclix tournament held in a friendly coffee shop on the Isle Of Wight. 10 players took part and raised a respectable total of £150. Talk quickly turned to how we could look at growing the event and through some fantastic connections a year later we found ourselves hosting the event at Fratton Park in Portsmouth. The 2014 event saw a MASSIVE prize pool donated by players, stores, and Esdevium Games. We had a total of 27 players take part. The total raised was just over £1,000 and the event succeeded in bringing together players from all over the country to raise money for an amazing cause.

2015 saw us undergo a name change and an increase in size to allow us to support other gaming tournaments. A move to Southampton University gave us the space to make this year the first to include Magic The Gathering and Android: Netrunner and saw 95 gamers event raising £2,360.

Since then we have made Southampton University our home whilst increasing the scope of the event to take place over an entire weekend. Since 2013 we have hosted over 700 players over many game lines and tournaments. We have hosted Regional Championships. We have created a community of gamers who return each year to support our cause. Proudest of all we have raised £20,595.32 to aid in funding lifesaving research and care for those affected by cancer.

This weekends event saw hero clix, dice masters, legend of the 5 rings, netrunner, keyforge and destiny played.

Az, cornerstone and legend of the UK community is also raising money for the event by running 10K in a few weeks time. If you'd like to support Az his just giving page can be found on the link below -

Matchups -

ROUND 1 - WIN - 4LOM, General Grievous, Sentinal WIN

ROUND 2 - WIN - REYLO(Richard from The Scruffy Looking Dice rollers, Also the UK King of Maul as he took Maul/FOST to top 64 at worlds!)



ROUND 5 - LOSS - REYLO (Eventual top seed in swiss David Pearson, absolutely incredible player)

ROUND 6 - LOSS - 4LOM, General Grievous, Sentinal ( 2 x UK CHAMP nad testing buddy Greg Pike)

Round 7 - WIN - Satine Droids

Finished 7th seed after 7 rounds of swiss

Quarter Finals WIN vs Chopper Droids (Chris Hudson TheGarbageWillDo Podcast)

Semi Finals WIN vs 4LOM, GG, Sentinel (Greg Pike)

Final LOSS vs Thrawn, Sentinel, Greedo played by the grand admiral himself Zhil, David Payton.

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