Ciena Firespray

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Thoughts and strategy

Mulligan for Truce or Well-Connected to get Firespray-31 down in round 1. If you don't draw either, activate Ciena first. You will likely have a mod in hand to play for free with the Firespray's power action.

Round 2 you are aiming to play a second free mod on the Firespray, and use Ciena's power action to ready it for a double-activation.

If you have an extra resource, ie over and above the 2 you need to use Ciena's power action, get a Bubble Shield down, to place your damage from Crash Landing or Dangerous Maneuver. They are there to keep Ciena alive as long as possible - she will (or should) be your opponent's first target.

An extra resource could also be used for Partnership to force damage through.

Because you are in effect reserving 2 resources to use Ciena's power action, the deck has many zero cost cards, which you need.

The deck has 3 main challenges:

  1. Get the Firespray out in turn 1. This is the easiest one - you will do this most of the time.
  2. Keep Ciena alive as long as possible. She will go down, for sure, if you don't get to use her ability at all, could be a problem, but you don't need multiple uses, once or twice is enough to chip away at your opponent. The A300 Blaster is there to play once Ciena is taken out. Worked out nicely in a game today.
  3. You're vulnerable to events that target supports, how much do you commit to countering those events? Strategic Planning is a problem, but I don't see this played much now, after it was errata'd. Your real problem is Desperate Measures. You could invest in a back-up vehicle, or more event removal from extra copies of Probe or Friends in Low Places, and you might want to claim the battlefield earlier than you otherwise would to use them upfront. Depends on your local meta.

This deck is intended for casual play, let me know how it goes if you try it out, or have tried a similar deck!

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DarthJarJar66 13

Boba Ciene Ree, Firespray works real well too