The power of the stormtrooper!

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Andfritz30 1531

Best deck ever!

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Andfritz30 1531

I'm trying to get as many likes as possible so please like this. Thanks

the BEAST 1128

Nice choice of battlefield ;)

Andfritz30 1531

@the BEAST I know, it's so good

RjFx4 70

Great deck! Can i play this? Try adding in 2 wingman cards to make it that much better!

Aquaphe5 244

But is it tier 1?

Andfritz30 1531

@Aquaphe5 Definitely. I played this team and beat a Vader Raider without ant trouble. It also consistently beats ePalpatine - Galactic Emperor

Palumtra 1

Poe/Maz? You mean this Stormtrooper's breakfast?

Andfritz30 1531

Lol, yes

Aquaphe5 244

Yeah, after playtesting against this... I thought this deck was balanced. I was so off base... FFG needs to ban Storm Trooper.

the BEAST 1128

Really good deck...the one dice strategy and the early claim of your opponent's battlefield must work perfectly...

Andfritz30 1531

@Aquaphe5 Oh my gosh I hope they don't. That would destroy my whole strategy.

Andfritz30 1531

@the BEAST I know. You will never not have the battle field.

CBMarkham 371

This deck is terrible.

You forgot to include Training! This deck can never be T1 with novice mistakes like that. I mean, sure a Stormtrooper CAN beat Palp, Poe/Maz, Vader/Raider, etc., but your consistency goes way up with you use eStormtrooper, imo.

Andfritz30 1531

@CBMarkham true, my mistake

maddenman 8

My 1 die Jar Jar deck could easy beat this deck.

Onigato69 1

I am confused, what good is Bombing Run without dice with Disrupt? Is Lockdown as effective when you need the opponent to have a Red character? I agree with CBMarkham on the use of Training!.

Andfritz30 1531

@maddenman Well Jar Jar is very powerful.

@Onigato69 You discard them do refill dice. It's great!

Alstottfan97 1

I don't understand why you have cards that require you to have more than 1character in a deck with 1 character. Endless ranks & lockdown...... I'm new to this so I might be missing something but that's how I'm seeing it. I'm intrigued by this though & might try to build my own with some tweeking.

Andfritz30 1531

@Alstottfan97 You should definetly try this deck out. Those cards are abosolutly necessary for this strategy. Try it out just how it is.

Herby 2

The comments made me lol....I'm liking this

Wigs36 1

I see, you discard all 5 initial cards to damage your opponent from dizziness with all the rerolls, then claim early, dig in and stay dug in for the rest of the timer. Hence,only using 1 stormtrooper, 'cause the hole ain't big enough for 2. WISE! I love it!

Andfritz30 1531

@Wigs36 I know, I'm so smart

timo93 230

made my day :D

Piscettios 1

This deck could also use All In x2 and We Have Them Now x2. Then it'll be tier 1 material.

Crabshack101 70

Best part is thsi is a budget deck, even with the tier 1 changes suggested by @Piscettios!!

Andfritz30 1531

I know. Anybody can use this deck!

Datoneguy760 2

I'm trying to figure out if everyone here is being sarcastic or not.

ntsekov 95

@Datoneguy760, no sarcasm, the deck is awesome. Yesterday I won a game against Palpatine, he quit trying to resolve sides that didn't kill me and he scooped.

Wigs36 1

I really hope they errata the stormtrooper to include his well deserved ability: Action - discard an event to deal 2 damage to a character, then deal 1 damage to this character

Then, with 30 events you could kill the Emperor and yourself TWICE! Double tie! The ultimate sign of respect towards the boss / guy who pays your salary, would be to commit Seppuku after killing him.

Is this...... sarcasm? I guess we'll never know....

mateuslimao 290

I loved the one-of tech choice of The Best Defense... great deck.

Alstottfan97 1

i see where someone mentioned Training. what cards would you replace them with? if you added a couple more FOST's would cards like Squad Tactics,Sustained Fire and maybe Promotion help? I'm still trying to put this deck together and find myself 7 cards short and was trying to find cards to fill in until I get the others.

cassian andor 23

my fave deck !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Caleb 1

this deck is so funny but so stupid. LOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOL. The bestpart is you put in endless ranks... HAHAHAHAHA!

cossack_sith 1


Ghoon5356 13

What use is endless ranks if you've already lost?

Hessian_Hessian_Hessian 239

@Ghoon5356 It's not. That's why it's so hilarious.

Hessian_Hessian_Hessian 239

@Wigs36 Only problem with that theory of killing the emperor twice with 30 cards, is that after just 7 cards, your stormtrooper is dead. :( If that weren't the case, you could actually kill the emperor 4 times!

Trondaboss 169