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Rosalvos 246

I used to play Luke Rey, but in a conversation they told me "Obi-Wan Rey is much better, why play with Luke Skywalker - Jedi Knight?" So I went to test and I actually discovered some very interesting things with old Kenobi.

The deck does not change much of the list with Luke, the upgrades remain basically the same, but now with two One With The Force we have an enormous facility to put on the table, especially if Obi-Wan falls.

Force Speed ​​is highly synergistic with Rey, and if you need speed you just need to use Swiftness to roll over and try to secure your two actions in order to activate the old Kenobi or even control the opponent's data.

Lightsaber on this deck is more for redeploy, if Rey is almost dying we can override and not lose an upgrade, using this and One With The Force to enjoy our upgrades to the maximum.

Makashi Training is a great card with its very consistent die and good melee damage control.

Vibroknife besides guaranteeing us a great action cheat also gives us unblockable damage, being able to give us advantage against several decks like Han Rey, among others.

Caution is a great card to use with Obi-Wan, with it we can make the most of old Kenobi's guard. We can also hold Rey or Obi-Wan for longer at the table.

Destiny is still being tested, but it's great to use expensive upgrades like One With The Force or Lightsaber for free in the first round, if we've already spent our credits on another upgrade, it will give us the advantage over the opponent.

Determination is also being tested, but it can give us a surprise damage, a necessary resource or even a shield so we can save our characters. It is a card that if used in the right way can make a lot of difference in a match.

Guard is great with the dices we use, dices from Obi-Wan, Lightsaber, Makashi or Rey can be a great removal.

Heroism will help us spread the damage between the characters, combining with the Obi-wan guardian we have great control.

My Ally Is The Force is one of the stars of the deck, being able to solve Obi-Wan's x2 focus by turning the same die to the damage side and solving it. It is a card that we can use to create many moves that the opponent does not expect.

Noble Sacrifice is our trap, if Obi-Wan is defeated we can use from graveyard or from our hand to sacrifice the old Kenobi, exhaust an enemy character and thus again activating Obi-Wan's ability to bring One With The Force, among several other moves combining noble sacrifice with Obi-Wan's ability.

Swiftness is another card that helps us make plays that the opponent does not wait, solve die before he can control, do actions cheats with Rey. For example we can use Swiftness> Use the Force and then solve our data, or Swiftness> Use the Force> Heroism. We have many great combinations that can be used with this card.

The deck is still under test, I really want to test trust your instincts on this deck, maybe increase the number of Destiny or Determination.

After a few tests I will probably modify this list. I hope you like it. :)

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Xir 15

Cloud you explain the rulling behind using Obi-Wan's ability alter Noble Sacrifice?

Rosalvos 246

@Xir After Obi death he can use Noble sacrifice, so he kill himself resolving the card (Noble sacrifice) activating the habilty again before the death, so you can use another card. :) (Sorry my nas english)

Xir 15

@Rosalvos would you be able to use Noble Sacrifice twice in one resolution? If so then why you only have 1 copy in your deck?

Winter_soldier 1

Great deck!! Can you explain to me how you use force illusion in this deck. Most of the times the opponent does a lot of damage in one activation. Do you use force illusion and discard a lot of cards or do you only use force illusion on smaller damage numbers? I tried force illusion in my Luke/rey deck but most of the times I dont want to discard 6+ cards from my deck.

BeNNyBiLL 581

You can't defeat a character twice. As a result you can't trigger before a character is defeated more than once per character (Second Chance being the exception to this). Hopefully you didn't play Noble Sacrifice like that in your tournament because that would be an illegal play.

Rosalvos 246

@Xir @BeNNyBiLL Actually, it looks like today's FAQ lets you use Obi-Wan's death to play Noble Sacrifice, and then any other card you want. Too bad it's worded so poorly, but it sounds like the "first Noble Sacrifice" in this example is played after your opponent defeats Obi Wan, since they say it's played using Obi's ability:

If I use Obi-Wan Kenobi’s (EaW37) ability to play a Noble Sacrifice (Aw118) from my discard pile before he is defeated, what happens? Can I play a second copy of Noble Sacrifice, and then another card off of the second Noble Sacrifice?

You can play a second copy of Noble Sacrifice. However, only one Noble Sacrifice has an effect. Before Obi-Wan Kenobi is defeated, you can trigger his ability to play a Noble Sacrifice. Then, before he is defeated from that Noble Sacrifice, you can play another copy of it since “Before” effects interrupt the game. Repeat this to then play any other Blue card you want from your discard pile or hand. Then the second Noble Sacrifice resolves, and Obi-Wan is defeated and you can choose and exhaust a character. However, the next Noble Sacrifice that resolves does nothing, since you can no longer defeat Obi-Wan; he is already defeated.

They sugests the combo in a Team Covenant video. :)

Xir 15

Great. Thank you for claryfing this.

Rosalvos 246

@Winter_soldier Thx, i hope you have fun with this deck! :) Force Illusion Is a very situational card, many times I do not mind discarding 4-6 cards, especially if it is extremely necessary to make my character alive. But often I use force ilusion simply to take the focus off Rey, a lot of people hit Obi-wan in case you play force illusion on Rey at the beginning of the game. But the truth is that it will depend on many things, but sometimes avoiding 3 damage with it already makes a lot of difference. I hope I have helped :)

Rosalvos 246

@Xir you're wlecome bro :)

Rosalvos 246

@Xir You're welcome bro :)

BeNNyBiLL 581

Todays FAQ? Have you got a source for that? FFG site only has the June update. The wording of that FAQ post is really misleading. They fail to nail down the case of just 1 noble play or 3+ potential noble plays, so its really just inferred that you realistically would only play 1 and get an extra blue card play ontop of that. Talk about a gray area in the rules...

Rosalvos 246

@BeNNyBiLL Sorry, not todas FAQ just copying This from a forum

Rosalvos 246

@BeNNyBiLL but it's Just onde Noble in combo.. Die > Noble sacrifice > another blue card

Rosalvos 246

@BeNNyBiLL trampo covenant Just talk about This combo in a video

BigMac826 7

Once a character is defeated he can't be defeated again. Noble Sacrifice play no bueno

Rosalvos 246

@BigMac826 he won't doe twice... Noble sacrifice resolves before Obi-wan die and kill himself before.. Team covenant explained This..

BigMac826 7

@Rosalvos hey man sorry to say but I think team covenant is wrong, a character cannot be defeated twice. They're great dudes, but not the designers of the game

Dave Sharona 601

The Noble Sacrifice play is 100% legal. Also it's a great play

BeNNyBiLL 581

I realise now I was wrong. Obi Wan never actually gets defeated between resolving his own ability twice and you just end up with two states of "Obi wan is defeated" resolve in a row, which naturally the second one just fizzles as there is no Obi Wan left to defeat. Pretty neat actually.

BigMac826 7

For some reason I feel like I remember Lukas saying a character couldn't be defeated twice when asked about this exact situation.

But if I'm wrong, I'm wrong! Sorry if that's the case @Rosalvos. Solid decklist and writeup either way

Rosalvos 246

@BigMac826 A character cant be defeated twice, but he use the ability before die, so he use the full noble sacrifice e then he die to the noble. Haha, no problem, it`s a great deck! =D

Schattenriss 1

@Rosalvos Great deck. Thank you. Can you name the video explaining obi-wan, noble sacrifice and one with the Force from team covenant?

the BEAST 1128

Ok, for those who wonder, Obi is never defeated twice... his card clearly read "before this character is defeated" which means he never died twice... noble sacrifice's effect defeat him before. If you play a 2nd noble sacrifice though, it has no effect...

Rosalvos 246

@the BEAST thx mate, exactly this

Bialaska 1

I love the combo of Rey and Obi-Wan. Got a deck a bit similar, though I have included Force Protection and Force Heal instead of Force Illusion and some of the events. :)

MassiveNerd 1

Loving the look of this. Curious how Heroism is working out and if you feel it's necessary alongside guardian. Did you ever try Close Quarters Assault with this?

Rosalvos 246

@MassiveNerd The heroism is great on the deck, many times you will already have activated the Obi-wan and will not pofer to use the guardian. Not to mention that the heroism does not only serve to save the king, sometimes also it will be used to save the old Kenobi, spreading the damage and delaying the adversary. Not to mention that the heroism is very strong against palpatine. I've tested close quarters assault, but sometimes we do not have time to use it and it ends up being a dead card in the hand. I hope you like the deck :)

Rosalvos 246

@Bialaska O love the deck, each one adapt to your way! It's a great deck! :D

TunaFish 1

I have been running a similar deck, however in place of the action cheating cards like Force Speed, and Swiftness I have been playing more survival focused cards like Willpower, and Jedi Robes With cards like these helping me to survive longer and develop my board state. Have you tried a more survival/fatigue version of the deck, and how do you feel it compares to your deck? I would also love to know how many people competed in the tournament. Either way I am very excited to see another Obi-Wan player, and your deck has inspired me to make some interesting changes to my own.

Rosalvos 246


I've tested the willpower and even though I liked the card a lot I did not like the result, I often used the card to rerroll or turned a dead card in my hand. Then I realized that survival was not so important if I killed the enemy character that deals more damage in a quick way. The championship had 12 people and practically only the meta deck. I faced unkar, fn, royal guard twice, vader, royal guard and palpatine, which was my only defeat because of a missplay, I used the guardian in the wrong die forgetting no mercy. In the top 4 I faced emo kids and in the finals emo kids again. In most games I killed both the little vader and the Fn in the second round, not causing me much problem. I think the difference between our decks is that yours has more sustain and mine is a bit more aggro, focusing on action cheat for evitsr controls. But that diversity is what makes the game so beautiful, the two decks have a different way of playing but that does not mean that one is stronger than the other. :)

Angelus073 7

Heroism didnt work in mine as most people will target obi which means he will die way too quick. If he is the target you need to ditch the guardian and start to utilise his dice as early as possible. Destiny was also removed as it became a discard to reroll in nearly every game.

Rosalvos 246

@Angelus073 Heroism is exactly to spread the damage, if they are focusing the Obi use heroism to do damage to the King. Destiny is a great card to use in the first round and gives you an upgrade advantage, but if you do not like take it and adapt The deck for your playing style :)

Angelus073 7

@RosalvosI have been playing a variation of this this since spirit came out. And have made dozens of tweaks to get it working as I wanted.

Rosalvos 246

@Angelus073 But i'ts woking as you wanted now? I hope so =D

MekANerD 37

@Rosalvos looks very cool - looking forward to trying it out. Could you explain your pick of battlefield over the others? And maybe some thoughts on your mulligan?

Rhaplanca1001 1

Does the timing structure allow Obi-Wan's ability to play One With the Force on him from the discard pile for free, and then have it put itself into play as a support? Would it still allow that if you use Obi-Wan's ability to play Noble Sacrifice like was being talked about earlier?

Rosalvos 246

@Rhaplanca1001 yes and yes haha

Rosalvos 246

@MekANerD This battlefield can rotate your deck very well, you don't need to discard your hand when the turn end, you just put the cards you dont want and buy more cards, it's great!

Man, always try to start tha game with force speed and guard, if makashi, or virboknife appears pick one of them :)