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SwagonBallZ 630

This deck is centered around forcing your opponents dice to blanks. This does a few things for us:

  • It fuels a few key cards, Feel Your Anger, It Will Be All Mine, and Cornered Prey
  • It baits the opponent into rerolling their dice, which forces them to discard two thanks to Asajj and removes their options.
  • If they do reroll, Quinlan's damage potential from the special is increased by 2.
  • It slows down the opponent's win condition.


Get upgrades on and supports out asap. In the early game you will be forced to use events to turn dice to blanks, you want to shift that responsibility onto your upgrades for the mid and late game so that you can use your resources on the big events for closing out. If you can get Push and Immobilize out early then you can prolong the life of Asajj (who is very likely going to get targeted first, less health and an oppressive ability) and let her keep pressure on the opponent.

What dice to turn to blanks is going to be situational. Your number 1 priority in the early game is building your board state, so mitigate any die that threatens your ramp (discards and disrupts) in the first couple rounds unless you're about to get a mountain of damage, then switch to just mitigating damage for the last few rounds. If you can stay ahead of your opponent you will likely be able to blank out their whole board once your upgrades get to work.

In general you want to roll out Quinlan before Asajj, if he rolls a special just keep it out for most of the round. You really want to discourage rerolls and this special increases in strength by two every time your opponent wants to reroll. If you didn't go through your hand you can end the round with it or you can Force Strike it or reroll for something else, but you need it out to maintain that pressure.

Note that this deck rarely ever removes dice, this makes it a bit vulnerable to PoeMaz who can't be controlled by turning their dice. In that matchup you'll have to hard mulligan for Feel Your Anger and hope for a blank, which is still not ideal, and target Maz. Poe is no threat without her as you can just blank him out.


Force Push Immobilize Force Choke Now I Am The Master These are our main upgrades that will almost exclusively be used to spin our opponent's dice to blanks. These should only ever not be used for turning to blanks when you cannot reroll anymore or the opponents is out of dice to blank out.

Anger Cornered Prey It Will Be All Mine Force Strike Lightsaber Throw Damage from hand, most of these are fueled by blanks but there are a couple in there that don't rely on blanks just so we can constantly do damage throughout. Should expect to do as much if not more damage from hand than from our character dice.

Enrage It Binds All Things Insidious Helps with resource ramping. Things can get expensive fast and we're not counting on our characters to make resources.

Manipulate Something familiar Your Skills Are Complete For the early game these will be your primary way of keeping the pressure on. Manipulate can be used alongside either Force Strike or Anger depending on the situation to not lose the value of your die.


Rend - We rely on our upgrades to do our dirty work so we need to protect against Imperial Inspection. May need to slot this in if that and other cards are super prevalent in the meta. Force Lightning - A good finisher that can be fueled by blanks. Would need to slot out other cards that rely on blanks so there's not as much contention. Grand Inquisitor's Lightsaber - Steady damage with a special that falls in-line with our strat. Is a bit expensive for what we're trying to do. Clash - In-line with our strat again and works well with Manipulate. Will have to see what damage type dominates the meta first before slotting this in.

Thanks for reading!

27 comentários

Ro el pen 32

BallZ, This deck looks amazing! I am going to try this out tomorrow! The explanation of the cards makes sense and the steps you lay out are exceptional. Thanks! Aaron

SwagonBallZ 630

@Ro el penThanks! I'd love to hear how it performs for others and what adjustments could be made, it doesn't have a lot of reps yet.

superabsurd 354

Man, I have this deck built and I think our lists are only five or so cards different. I love this setup, man. It brings choke to a deck that can also put out a good amount of damage. I have a version of the deck with Dooku instead of Asajj for more survivability, but this is a much more streamlined, straight forward choke deck. Dooku/Quinlan is way more mill than anything.

Drink Blue Milk 100

This looks cool. I cannot wait to try this out this weekend!

SwagonBallZ 630

@superabsurdi definitely considered slotting in The Dook just to beef up the staying power of the deck but I went with Asajj due to the way she discourages rerolls. Then Quinlan can be even more of a threat if your opponent does burn their hand down so either way you're giving your opponent a tough choice.

Porg_FriedRice 27

What are your thoughts on Sith Holocron instead of It Binds All Things? Free way to get out upgrades, which are all abilities, plus it has some focus and a modified resource.

SwagonBallZ 630

@JackPoisoni initially had Sith Holocron and found that it was just a bit slow. Assuming i paid the 1 resource to roll in the new ability (which i always have so far) i ended up paying 1 to get the upgrades on anyways, and with all but 2 upgrade cards being 2 cost or less the total resource cost is about the same. Using It Binds All Things instead will let me play my upgrades whenever i want and without having to roll out.

Porg_FriedRice 27

@SwagonBallZ That makes perfect sense. Not using Holocron also saves you from rend if it is big in your meta.

BergerFett 1

any thoughts on adding force speed ancient sabers or shoto sabers to the deck? they just seem like very good cards.

SwagonBallZ 630

@BergerFett force speed would be something to consider, but I'm not sure about slotting in sabers. I'd have a hard time figuring out what to pull out to fit in just the force speed, card slots are getting pretty tight nowadays.

Porg_FriedRice 27

Force speed is good but vulnerable to Rend. I think you want to be somewhat slow so that your opponent has time to consider the re roll and being forced to discard two cards. That would allow Quinlan Vos' special to be more reliable.

Ed Cote 65

I love this idea. I had started working on it but you're way ahead of me. I do like Clash, but I'll admit that both that and Deflect depend on the meta. I can't see skipping Isolation, though, especially with Poe being a concern. Also, Ancient Lightsaber would help with both damage output and survival. How have Force Strike and Lightsaber Throw worked out for you? Do you need a ton of damage out of hand? I for one would just play more weapons, though I should try it your way first.

SwagonBallZ 630

@Ed CoteThe core idea was to include as little actual removal as possible, i want the opponents dice to stay out and show blanks so i can blow them out with Cornered Prey and It Will Be All Mine. Feel Your Anger is there as a panic button if there are too many dice to control, if they have a single blank out then u get the same value as you would with Isolation, but more often there will be more than one blank out to take advantage of. It might be a meta call further down the line to include isolation in addition to feel your anger. Force Strike is there to help squeeze use out of the dice i sacrifice with Manipulate (and unlucky rolls, they're bounds to happen) and Lightsaber Throw is there just to get more value out of your character damage dice since I'm not running weapons. You could probably get away with swapping both with those two lightsabers specifically, but i just prefer damage out of hand as it tends to be more economical and consistent in the short term. In my (limited) experience so far they've done great work but I've also not tried it with sabers instead so who knows.

Scactha 888

Very cool idea. Probably takes some skill to get right I reckon as blanking in general is weaker than removal. Yet when calibrated right it must be very scary to meet.

BergerFett 1

fair on the force speed and sabers. im not entirely sure what i would swap out either. im missing 2 assajj and one it will all be mine. i should be able to trade for them this weekend so i may try the deck out for a few weeks. ive been struggling to find a villian deck i really want.

thanks for the post and the feedback

Foz 1024

@Ed Cote I think one of the biggest advantages of damage from hand is that it doesn't require an upfront investment. You have to play that upgrade out first to get value from it. You can keep options in hand with events though, and play them only if you don't need to pay for other things more. That makes them more powerful in flexibility while upgrades are more powerful in accumulating damage. I expect this deck values that flexibility because it has a ton of situational plays and is very reactive.

Ed Cote 65

@Foz That's a good point. I do recall times when I played a weapon right off the bat then wasn't able to play removal later in the round.

hirumait 1

I love Ventress. I want build a deck with Vos, but... I'm afraid that against the aggressive and fast deck that you can not dispute the damage resolution (Cad Bane, Sabine, Poe Maz, Rey Han), do not have time to get enough benefits.

jeremyeagles 10

although it hasn't been a huge part of the meta yet, facing a deck heavy on looking at your hand and discarding your events could be be pretty disastrous

Porg_FriedRice 27

I can confirm decks with heavy discarding shut this down fast.

SwagonBallZ 630

Thanks all for the feedback. I've found a couple other weaknesses/issues that will (hopefully) be addressed in the next version. This deck is far from being finished!

Easystreet31 1

I'm not a good player so take this with a grain of salt.

I can't get this deck to run. It's just too slow. Aggro decks murder Asajj by turn 2 or 3 then Vos dies turn 4 or 5. Turning 1-2 dice to blanks on turns 1 and 2 just doesn't mitigate enough. Not sure if my draws are just bad or what but I am getting face rolled.

Break Windu 8

What about putting Swiftness in? Would the ambush factor help with getting more damage out quickly?

astenog27 1

So i'm not sure if I'm playing this wrong or maybe my opponents just keep getting lucky on me, but I feel like this needs more cards to force rerolls or try for my blanks does it not? Unless I'm just playing this deck poorly

Frankith 19

I put in 1 Boundless Ambition to make Quinlan a monster.

Hessian_Hessian_Hessian 239

I've built my own. It's pretty much the same, with slight differences due to availability of certain cards. I replaced both Your Skills Are CompleteX2 and It Binds All ThingsX2 because they weren't available to me. I replaced them with Mind TrickX2 and Boundless AmbitionX2. Waiting for some of the cards to arrive in the mail, currently.

Hessian_Hessian_Hessian 239

I also will be using Emperor's Throne Room - Death Star II and Medical Center - Kaliida Shoals interchangeably, depending upon who I'm playing.