Yoda/Anakin/Cassian | YOUR Destiny Gauntlet Deck

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YOUR Destiny Podcast 2364

This deck is used in the YOUR Destiny Gauntlet, which you can find here: http://yourdestiny.dk/gauntlet

Also remember that you can find plenty of articles and resources on our website, as well as easy access to all of our podcasts and YouTube videos: www.yourdestiny.dk


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larsen67 148

Mill player since the beginning of the game, I really like this deck. This deck is in my opinion an aggressive mill deck and it is pretty cool to play but I got a big problem and it's call Cad Bane - Vicious Mercenary and Snoke - Supreme Leader decks...

Do you have some tools to improve this match up ?

For me, you have to trash all of his money with a lot of disrupt but you got only a disrupt on Yoda Dice.

I like the idea of a second Hyperspace Jump or Rebel.

After a lot of tests, I am asking if two exemplaries of Bartering is not too much ? In my games, it was never a gamebreaker.