Entourage Double Down

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nez477 127

Because everyone needs 3 Entourages in their life.

Unsure about the 3x cards, but having 3 Entangles to consistently have good removal seems better than 3 Flee the Scenes.

Well-Connected seems maybe unnecessary, but you want to get tons of Entourages out, so I figured it wouldn't hurt.

The lack of focus is slightly concerning, but not sure what to do about it.

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AK01 1

Why not 3x Fickle Mercenaries to maximize damage from Entourage ?

Ramin2-D2 543

the upgrade choices are weird


I'm confused about the x3 Entourage and x3 Entangle. The rules state: "A deck includes exactly 30 cards. The deck cannot include more than 2 copies of the same card." (see: swdestinydb.com.) I know I'm new to this game but what am I missing?

MaulerMithel 1

@ENDER78 take a look at the wording of Doible Down.


@MaulerMithelDuh. Like I said, "I'm new to this game." LOL. Thx.