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DaJix 77

I used to be an avid Sabine player. Hoping this deck fills the void the new Standard took from me. I tried Rex - Clone Captain with Kes Dameron - Courageous Sergeant but Cassian Andor - Rebellion Operative felt better to me.

The only problem is him not being a trooper which I hope Stealthy solves. Money is a somewhat of an issue with this deck. Feels like I have to choose between saving for mitigation or play an upgrade.

Another issue I've found is, against the 3 wide support decks, this deck ends up finishing its actions with the first few turns, leaving some "dead" time watching the opponent go through all their remaining actions. Trying to think of what could be done for that.

Enjoying this deck so far, hoping it can be a contender for events!

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Hessian Sack 1331

Will Hessian play Kessian? We'll see.

Icezox 7

In my opinion smugler ring should be changed for Another money card. Something like Fresh Supplies since toi seem to claim à lot could do the trick. Logistic as well could be changed for it since there is no spot red and you do not use one of your dice for it. For the rest I would put one Impulsive in case that stealthy doesn't come.