Qi'Ra's Entourage

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Skreye 26

Been out of the loop for a while and looking to attend a few standard events soon. Mainly, I just wanted to play We're Home with the good old-fashioned Firespray-31/Armored Reinforcement combo. And Qi'Ra - Street Savvy makes that happen.

Readying a fully-loaded Firespray is the dream, but I think there's some other noteworthy interactions. First Order Stormtroopers act as good fodder, both health-wise (The Best Defense...) and when you need to throw away a die for benefit (Theed Royal Palace - Naboo after errata, Vandalize, Measure for Measure).

Haven't played any post-Convergence games yet, but I feel comfortable enough with the classics in here. Comments welcome. : )

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