Snoke 'Em If You Got 'Em

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SeldonArcais 20

This deck is the current build for Snoke 3 Wide I'm trying out. Newer to the game, but already trying to figure out the meta and what approach to take for competitive level events this year. I've seen plenty of Snoke/Watto/FOST builds and Snoke/Tarkin, as well as a Snoke/Watto/Wat build, but I think that this is build is solid, even with having to use Bitter Rivalry. So far, the only real thing I've found while testing is the occasional awkwardness of sometimes having the Marauder die on the resource side, and not being able to Snoke power action it due to lack of any resource to pay the cost if you had to use removal prior to that point. On the other hand, the 2 damage for one side can be turned into essentially 5 damage using Snoke which isn't irrelevant, dealing 4 melee and 1 indirect when it is resolved. Overall though, the deck is extremely consistent in slamming a 4-6 cost support on Round 1 and proceeding to take over the game from that point. I really enjoy Wat as he turns any support we play that isn't Vader's Fist into a pseudo-Fist, letting us roll it out right away as we play it, and still getting to activate it again later that round. The best interaction is with Starviper, where we can power action it out, roll the die in, and then immediately resolve that die from Starviper's ambush. Still working on the build and tweaking things, any and all feedback/questions are welcome and appreciated.

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