Enforcing a Blockade

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This deck was always intended for casual kitchen-table play (as was my entire Destiny experience); however, I frequently was dealing with some tournament players, and also had some friends who loved to ramp into lightsabers and other powerful Force user effects.

When Plots were added to the game, I was very excited to see what kind of design space would open up, especially as they started to give Plots that were color-restricted. Blockade seemed like a great way to hamper some of the "big money" strategies I was facing at the time. Nute Gunray was another option to try and hamper that, and he could pair well with Boba, a character I had long waited for to be released.

The deck itself did really well, to the point of frustrating some of my friends (I have one who actively cursed me as he was either unable to play the cards he wanted to, or would mill them away with Nute). As I look back on it, I think it was one of my most unique concepts to build and play with. As I return to building it, I will update this list to reflect my collection post-Convergence.

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