Grievous smash! - 2nd place at 1st Goblin Bologna tournament

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Grievous/Dooku 0 0 0 1.0
Grievous's Old Bud 0 0 0 1.0
Grievous Sticks! 0 0 0 2.0
General Sabers 0 0 1 1.0
Clone War Villains 0 0 0 1.0
Just extra arms - Starfighters Italia 2 1 0 1.0

Just jack 603

8 comentários

Bayushi Sezaru 956

Gratz, Jack, for a great tournament and a well deserved second place! Well played!

Separatist Arkhan 172

You play some cards, that I would like to have your input on. How was, Abandon all hope, boundless ambition and disturbance in the force for you during the tournamenent?

Thanks in advance!

TripleThr3at 21

Same questions as Arkhan.

Abandon all hope: seems to be pretty situational and has a high cost Boundless Ambition: Does it do enough work? And cost of 1... Disturbance of the Force: Seems ok, but you only want to use this when your opponent has her dice on all the good sides, right?

Thanks in advance as well :)

Just jack 603

@TripleThr3at @Arkhan Abandon All Hope is such a good card, it gives you a huge tempo swing on the opponent, is one of my favourite card in the deck. I do not suggest to swap it for other. The other 2 seems to be good but i have an eye on No Mercy as well, you can try to swap those card for it, for an umpredictable lethal on a character. Boundless Ambition i think is a good card in this deck, you often run out of cards in hand and have a refill card is alwais a good thing.

OathSworn 81

Why are you not playing It Binds All Things? Seems amazing considering how many blue upgrades you play.

Progressive 1

What would you play instead of Kylo's Lightsaber ? I don't have them yet

rux99 1

@Progressive i'd use a normal lightsaber if i were you

Progressive 1

@rux99 deck already has 2 lightsabers, also I'm not convinced if 2 Kylo's sabers are a good idea