Reylo: Nashville Prime Top 8

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This deck placed Top 8 at the Nashville prime during the 2019 regional season. Overall, I was very happy with how it performed! It’s a really fun character pairing and I feel like the upgrade/event package is a good blend for a tournament setting. I based it on the CasaReylo list that did well at Worlds, so check that out for an even better version!

This deck has some very significant favorable and unfavorable matchups.

Favorable: Palpatine, Mill, Diceless, and sometimes Reylo.

Unfavorable: Rainbow Villain (I have a near 0% win rate against this), O66, and any support heavy deck.

Even Match: Vader, Red/Yellow Guns, and Aphra.

Ultimately, as soon as Fist hits the table Reylo will start to lose, so that is what this deck hates most. It is also why I run double masteries with Lukes training as my ramp. Being able to play soresu as nearly unrestricted removal 4x a game is pretty big to keep Fist in line, and the same can be done for Niman. Simply pay full price for the Mastery, overwrite with a damage upgrade to put the Mastery in your discard, then Luke’s training to get it back on the field at reduced cost. It’s expensive to pull off, but I was surprised how often I could make it work. You can also overwrite the mastery with an identical mastery for even faster removal to get the effect 3x in one turn and STILL have all of your 0 cost removal in hand, and you can overwrite in the following round with Luke’s training to soresu the third time. This deck goes for control over damage tricks which I think caught a lot of people by surprise. And of course the same can be done with Niman, but Soresu’s instant speed effect is a lot more immediately powerful than Nimans. Use Niman for the insane die value, use soresu for the effect to keep your characters alive.

Mind Extraction is also no joke. It really helped me immensely in my Vader win during the final match in Swiss, and it was easily the MVP of that game. And of course in testing that card was a silver bullet against palp, but I had no Palp matchups during that game.

Swiss: Round 1: Chopper Droids - Win Round 2: 4-Lom rainbow - Loss Round 3: O66 - Win Round 4: Aphra rainbow - Loss Round 5: Jyn Cassian Mill - Win Round 6: Vader - Win

Top cut: lost to Vader 1-2

Let me know how you like the decklist and what you would change! Reylo is my favorite deck for standard, so I love reading other variations of the list.

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