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cjnj193 257

Baze Malbus - Crack Shot got some pretty sweet support this set, and with all of the weapons currently in the game each die is basically a 50/50 for whether you are going to punch someone in the face.

Big concern for the deck is generation. Hoping after some testing I can see if I’m running enough now to be able to support cards like Light 'Em Up. Energy Slingshot is included because it’s cheap and does not have modifier or pay sides, with an added bonus of maybe being able to cheese another damage out. Considering several of our best damage sides have some sort of cost or modifier having these base sides is super important. Throw in the fact that it’s a 1 drop weapon and everybody is happy

Maz Kanata - Pirate Queen is pretty interesting tbh. Unlike the classic Poe/Maz you aren’t looking for 1 side that wins the game, so it’s closer to something like Obiwan where you basically just activate to deal 3 damage. I think Maz can be replaced but you lose so much good removal when you do not have her, and that 1 ranged is surprisingly useful

When playing with an earlier version of the deck I was super surprised by how much damage I could get with Baze and silly upgrades like Overkill. Any suggestions appreciated!

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kajamgroot 7

LOL i made the same deck on my own too. Exceptions are I run Maz's vault, use frozen wastes as a battle field (considering carbon freezing chamber), and also have a hyperspace jump in there too since you have so much speed with maz