eLuke3/eAayla - Blue Heroes

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Ravenholt79 79

Similar to Stairs... Alright it's practically the same deck.

I thought about Rey - Finding The Ways or Yoda - Wizened Master but in the end I chose Aayla Secura - Jedi General because I prefer her dice sides.

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Husher315 23

Very curious how this goes for you @Ravenholt79. I decided to go with Rey - Finding The Ways, and built it a bit differently.

Ravenholt79 79

@Husher315 Do you have a list? I've been thinking about Force Wave but then I feel I'd need to consider removing Shoto Lightsaber and swapping It Binds All Things for Reaping The Crystal .

Husher315 23

@Ravenholt79, I do, but I use my good friends site, which I think is better than SWDB. Here is the link. Feedback welcome. Keep in mind I don't have ancients and haven't pulled daggers yet.


Erikk 1

That link takes you to a full page shill asking for donations. I closed it before it finished loading, but I assume your friends site is somewhere in there?