Indirectly Outcast 11-1 needs some tweaking!

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jacksquach 21

Hey! I was inspired by the Snoke, Aphra, BD deck that took both first and second at US Nationals so I decided to come up with this. I've been testing this deck recently and have had some good success with it, however I know that it needs some tuning. You may have seen me on TTS. Have any ideas or suggestions?

My first thoughts are to get rid of XS Stock Light Freighter, I found that it isn't that great. Although it works well with Hailfire Droid Tank, Firmus Piett - Ambitious Admiral and Sebulba's special, it just doesn't see much board time.

Have any ideas for what to replace them with? I typically use Piett and the Outcast to get a early, my money is usually a little tight but not bad at all. Possibly Kylo Ren's Starfighter?

I'm open to suggestions

My only loss has been to Snoke, Aphra, BD. It wad a good game, but the lack of tuning in my deck lost it for me. I had some close games against TaCos also, but I was able to pull through and take the W.

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DynTheVictorious 1

This is cool without using Aphra. Similar synergy with the self damage. I like this. I didn't even know the Light Freighter existed. That's a great card. You should try delve and planetary bombardment and maybe risk another big support too because of that

DynTheVictorious 1

Also Jakku (Ship Graveyard) can be suuuuper good in Aphra-esque decks with supports and bubble shield

Ramin2-D2 544

Docking Bay as a battlefield perhaps? Also Armor Plating to block the Array?

jacksquach 21

@DynTheVictorious, while I really like Delve it would be hard to pull off efficiently with this deck. I don't generate enough 's to play a big support like Planetary Bombardment or AT-ST without Delve, which means that they become dead cards without Delve. It is definitely a path you could take though, but you'd have to change the engine of the deck.

@Ramin2-D2, thanks for the suggestions. I have really been going back and forth with Docking Bay - Finalizer and Weapons Factory Alpha - Cymoon 1, they both are very good. Here's my take on them.

Weapons Factory Alpha - Cymoon 1 Pros: Allows a Hailfire turn 1, lets me get out Podracers for free and decreases Sebulba's by one (Piett is a Podracer king btw, his ability is amazing with them, especially Sebulba's). Cons: It doesn't help with the droid side of the deck, could possibly be a dead battlefield turn 1 without the right draw (it has happened).

Docking Bay - Finalizer Pros: Recurs Bubble Shields, helps a lot against mill, could be used quite nicely with Podracer if you need a reroll but still want to play it for the dmg ping. Cons: Can't play a Hailfire turn 1 consistently, and is only good if I can claim (but this deck is SLOW).

It's a really close call. Comes down to preference, almost.

Armor Plating could be the last bit of a health boost this deck needs. Now that you bring that up, Hunker Down also sounds quite appealing.

Thanks for the input!

PeoplesChampion92 2

Would you consider Mother Talzin - Nightsister Matriarch over Force Sensitive Outcast? Since the only difference is abilities and a or a , I would imagine you would get more use out of both Mother Talzin’s and her ability, even without having built for it.

jacksquach 21

@PeoplesChampion, you know, that's actually an interesting option. When I was first building the deck, I built it without choosing the blue character until the end. I had immediately tossed Talzin because of the number of evens in the deck, but now that you mention it, after play testing whenever I rolled the focus side on Piett it was always very useful and pretty powerful. And if her ability hits once per game, the change could be very useful.

I also mentioned that I may switch out the XS Stock Light Freighter's (two even cards) for an Armor Plating or two (odd cards). And if I add Talzin, she probably wouldn't be my indirect go-to which would allow me to play a single Deflect. With the extra additions of odd cards she would become more consistent.

Thanks for the idea! Definitely will be trying this out.

PeoplesChampion92 2

Nice! Also, don’t forget that Mother Talzin’s ability can be used on an opponent’s deck to change their dice too, which could give you mitigation even if you have lots of evens in your own deck.

jacksquach 21

Yeah, that is also another nice benefit. Especially if you are playing against Dooku Talzin, TaCos, 5 Die Villain, or any other Talzin deck.