Space Orphans

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CodeBreaker (Mat Cousineau@Chance Cube) 1330

updated after significant testing.

the key to running this deck successfully is to not be afraid to blow up your opponents hand. Every character die has a discard side on it and I'll often power of the force to discard opponents entire hand early in a round. I'll also use become one to modify a discard side to blow up an opponents hand, and lets not forget about close quarters assault, just brutal. I rarely go a round without taking a few cards out of my opponents hand, leaving you with all the time you need to roll, reroll, focus and maximize your dice. Ani's podracer early is devastating as well, start your turn by rolling out the podracer then anakin and flip the pod to the discard side... i do this as my first actions each round and opponent is faced with mitigating the die or losing 2 cards. This also often forces the opponent to target anakin leaving you extra time to build up your damage dealing characters. This deck has a solid secondary condition in Mill and switches pretty easily if need be. Fun deck that is very frustrating to play against and played correctly can compete with all the top meta decks.

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artyzipp 7

Interesting. What is your ideal starting hand?

CodeBreaker (Mat Cousineau@Chance Cube) 1330

@artyzipp ideal hand would likely be Anakin Skywalker's Podracer, Ancient Lightsaber, Force Speed and Guard. Not sure about the fifth card, maybe R2-D2 or Maz's Goggles but those would be my last priority to play out on turn one. If you do manage to get the ideal ani’s pod and a 2 drop weapon turn one, you’d want to play it out like this. Play podracer, roll it out, then on subsequent turns roll out anakin and use his ability to turn the podracer to the +1resource likely matching it up with anakins die. If ani doesn’t his his 50% resource sides you can roll out Rey or Ezra keeping the other ready. Then you have the resources to play that weapon out turn 1 as well.

dnanis 14

have you considered to add "Fair" Trade ? what would you remove to add this?

CodeBreaker (Mat Cousineau@Chance Cube) 1330

Fair trade is a solid option and a meta call. If you like it, Become One is probably my main flex spot.