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Martään 65

At first sight WotF didn't have much to add to my old handbreaker, but I gave it a try. And it actually worked really well. Here are the keys.

Draw. Deck is focused around draw mechanics. It's not that much about Quilan's special, but impactful 0-cost cards, that you can throw into the game en masse. Quilans special works small holdback for opponent earlygame. Later it can be nice finisher, especially, if you fill up your hand with Boundless Ambition, Chance Cube and Mandalorian Vambraces.

Hit, where it hurts - resources. Quilan needs time to build up and thats what Hondo gives. 3 damage hurts a lot, so they will keep their resources for you. Salvage Stand will suppress their resources even more plus opens Hondo's damage abilities.

Rise Again. Backbone of this deck. Total bonkers: it's heal 5, equip 4-cost weapon, from discard.

Went 3-1 in local shop tournament with it.

1-0 vs ePhsama/Balatik/TIE-pilot

Turn 1 was really-really lucky for me. I threw out 11 damage so my opponent was already quite set back. Killed ,TIE, then Phasma and ended Balatik with 7-damage worth Quilan special.

2-0 vs eBo-Katan/Jedi Sentinel

Deck ran smoothly so by turn 3 i killed Bo-Katan. MVP was I am your father, resolved 3 ranged damage shot in her own foot.

3-0 vs eSnoke/eFN

Equal game with backs and forths. He killed my Hondo, I got rid of FN. Psychometrics saved me quite few damage. Dropped Rise Again equipping Vibrocutlass. Quilan vs Snoke, I was back in damage but had better upgrades. Rerolled a discard with double Dark Presence and my opponent forfeited without removal in next rounds hand.

3-1 vs eYoda/eCassian

Luck wasn't with me this time. Made a mistake turn 1 when not activating Salvage Stand. Opponent got down force speed and 3-cost lightsaber. He focused my Quilan and since no Rise Again showed up, I was pretty soon with Hondo alone. No chance there. Also, turn one I hoped to get edge with I Am Your Father, but Yoda rolled 2 disrupts and the card got discarded soon after.

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