Bittersweet Vader

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flight799 148

Starting with a 13 health Vader is not bad when you can Leadership and Price of Failure for amazing damage potential. Instead of Boundless Ambition I included As You Command and Force Strike to fix the dice after reactivation. Ciena and Vader should also produce enough resources for Rise Again plays.

Other cards I am considering: Become One for some crazy resource generation or damage increase, Imperial HQ to further reduce the pay side pain. Unyielding or Intimidate for shield hate, Resilient, Endurance - if people are planning to throw a ton of removal at Vader, this is the answer.

Other partner to consider for this setup: Nute Gunray - one less health, slightly worse die for resources but a focus side instead of a Ciena´s modified side (essentially a blank). So sounds like a better deal? I´m not sure - Ciena´s one more health can be crucial for surviving long enough for Leadership and Price of Failure plays. You could be starting with a 6 health Nute which could turn off 6 cards in your deck a bit too soon.

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Ion87 25

I'm thinking It Binds All Things and ditch the electrostaff for 1 heirloom and 1 dagger. I'd only run 1x best defense because people will certainly target Ciena first. Throw in a lightsaber pull potentially to ensure a vader's saber or secondary weapon, else leave in a force strike. Your as you command can assist if you're struggling with resources too and get value out of a 4 side you can't pay for. Also check out com tower to assist with economy, else damage. Just my gut reactions.

Bminny 28

Why not Theed over RWR? It could help to get the extra dollar needed for a Vader’s Saber or to pay for the pay side

Vitalogy1010 210

And that's the problem with the OTK Vader decks. So, you go with Jawa for Theed, Jawa dies, Theed turned off along with Respite and PoF. You got Bitter Rivarly with Ciena or Nute and the unblockable goes on the red and they die turn 1 and turns off the Red tricks, Leadership and PoF. Yellow may be the best option because of the card pool, or a Bitter Rivalry with Snoke.

Focus Ninja 1592

Vader/Ciena with Bitter Rivalry is just not worth it, losing 2 health off vader and them getting a little card advantage is just not good enough just to bring in leadership. Someone who has played with Vader for about 3 weeks now knows that Vader/Greedo and Vader/Battle-Droid with Retribution is the best combination. But Vader/Greedo for sure

Social Enemy 157

So the thing is you're actually not going to start with 13 health Vader. You're gonna start with 7 health Ciena, and Ciena is gonna get killed first (and fast).

flight799 148

Starting with 15 health Vader and 7 health Ciena can even be better, having 4 cards to reset Vader means you will probably start with one of them in hand as opposed to just 2 Vader reset cards in a Greedo or FOST deck. And these decks also have the second character at 7 health at start. In my opinion, Being able to reset Vader is huge.