SAD but TRUE (10-0) - Jedicon 2018 - SC Winner - 44 players

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US National Championship 1st and 2nd Place 57 48 18 1.0
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do not try this at home 0 0 0 1.0

RodyFigueiredo 108

Yesterday i played at Jedicon 2018 with this version of SAD. Made 4-0 with a similar build in the weekly tournament, so i got prepared for the big championship.

Rody Figueiredo - (Winner) 6-0 Swiss/ 10-0 Overall

R1 - Talzin/Dooku - W / R2 - Talzin/Dooku - W / R3 - KRAP - W / R4 - Snoke/Ciena/Talzin - W / R5 - SAD (Mirror) - W / R6 - TaCos - W

Top8 - Cassian/Yoda Aggro Version - W / Top4 - Kylo/Snoke - W / Final - Cassian/Yoda Mill Version - W (2-0)

This deck has a ton of consistency and sometimes i thought i was going to loose. But it has a big capability to turn back any situation

Please leave any comments if you have questions.


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kidvaloo 108

I've coined the phrase 'Even when Snoke is losing, he's winning.' for this deck.

RodyFigueiredo 108

people sometimes make the mistake to leave him alive until the end of the game.

Akj23 1

Congrats for the perfect score! I'm runing a similar list, so I've some questions about your gameplay style (trying to figure out why this doesn't work for me lol)

1) How often do you use Snoke's power action on Aphra's dollar?

2) Do you go for your battlefield or you prefer the shields?

3) About Climate Disruption Array - do you use it even without 0-0-0? Do you think its worth to use it against decks with 3+ characters?

Akj23 1

1) How often do you use Snoke's power action on Aphra's dollar or discard*?

superalex598 31


artyzipp 7

Yep, this is boring

RodyFigueiredo 108

@Akj23 tnx for your comments. 1- dollar only If i can build a heavy board round 1 or 2. Discard only If im going to take ALL opponents cards ir leave him with 1 card in hand. 2- i prefer my BF so i can bring bubble shield back to finish easier with 2 arrays And bt1 3- yes i do. Never faced 4w with Sad but against 3w i use because most of the times i have bubble Shield on the table so its a win-win condition.

Tnks again!