Greenfield WI Regional Winner (64 Players)

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Scorpio Bandito - GDPN 347

Hey everyone, Nic from the CloudCityCasuals here! This was my 5th Regional ever and the first one I have ever topped at. I went 6-1 in Swiss and ended up taking home the win for the CloudCityCasuals! It was a really fun day and I played against a lot of great players! Shoutout to my teammate Paddy who also made top 8 with eDJ/ eSnoke! We drove 6 hours to Greenfield the night before this regional, and 6 hours back home immediately after, so I don’t remember exactly what happened in all my matchups, but I’ll try to give some details in the top cut matches!

R1: vs eHan/ eYoda/ Double Down: W

R2: vs eDooku/ eTalzin: W

R3: vs eLando/ eWedge: W

This match was insanely close, as my opponent got Planned Explosion of on Vader round 1. I managed to struggle my way back to victory with the winning kill coming from Resolving Vader Saber for Melee and rolling back in a Vader die onto Melee and resolving it immediately for the kill on Wedge since it was not in the pool prior. We had a tough time getting a ruling on this resolve, and the judge almost ruled that I couldn’t resolve the Vader die on the roll in. Shout out to Jon Magnuson from The Destiny Council for comparing this interaction to Sith Holocron so that we could get the correct ruling!

R3: vs eYoda/ eAnakin/ eCassian: W

Prized Possession cane in clutch here, taking a Yoda die round two helped me work through Cassian and Anakin. This was still an insanely tough match but I managed to squeak by with a couple cards left in hand at the end.

R5: vs eIden/ eTalzin/ AR: L

This game was my only loss in Swiss, and it was a tough game for me. My opponent was running Kylo Ren's Starfighter instead of Count Dooku's Solar Sailer and it worked insanely well. He was able to Anger one of my Vader 4X round one and stayed ahead of me the whole game.

R6: vs eSnoke/ Cienna/ Rebel Traitor: W

This game was against my friend Tom and it was strange and hilarious. He won the battlefield, and his first action was activating Rebel Traitor which forced me to activate Vader. He rolled a Resource and I got incredibly lucky and rolled two 2 Resource sides on Vader. He Snoked for 3 resources and I took my 4, then he played Vader's Fist and I played Vader’s Fist immediately after. Most of the game was spent throwing Vader’s Fist at each other, but with my Auto Focus on Fist and my Vader dice I was able to kill Snoke off on round 2 before he could set up anymore. If I hadn’t gotten the Fist out round 1 this game would have been much more difficult for me.

R7: vs eKylo/ eWulf: W

This was the last game of Swiss and the win that secured my place in top 8. This was also my only rematch in top 8 which was in the Finals.

Top 8: vs eVader/ Greedo (2-0)

Game 1 (W): My first Vader mirror of the day and against another Nick no less! Round 1 I had Truce and Prized Possession in my opening hand, and since I won the battlefield, I Prized Possesioned his Vader as my second action. He dropped the Fist with his resources but with 1 of his Vader dice gone, I managed to play defensively while I set up for the win.

Game 2 (W): This is where the top 8 matches start getting foggy for me. At this point I was feeling the exhaustion and I don’t remember much of the game itself. He took his battlefield but I believe I still dropped a Vader Saber round 1 and managed to Rise Again once or twice to come back for the win.

Top 4: vs eYoda/ eHan/ Double Down (2-1)

Game 1 (L): This Deck (piloted by Mark) was the Deck that took down my friend Paddy in the Top 8. I managed to kill Yoda Quick this game, but Mark had Han fully upgrade and between the Second Chances and Hyperspace Jumps I just couldn’t take Han down.

Game 2 (W): I don’t remember much about this round except that I managed to Prized Possession a Han die.

Game 3 (W): This game I also Prized Possessioned a Han die, and managed to kill Han before Yoda, leaving my opponent with only 1 Upgrade on Yoda.

Finals: vs eKylo/ eWulf rematch (2-0)

Nathan was my only rematch of the whole day, and it was cool getting to play him in the Final round of Swiss and the Finals! My deck has a lot of One-ofs, which made helped immensely against his Wulf power action. Rend did work in all of our Matchups, as I was always able to discard his Dark Presence.

Game 1 (W): this game was ridiculously close, we started the last round with 2 health left on Vader and 1 health, 2 Shields, and a Force Illusion on Kylo. I activated Vader and he killed Vader on his Kylo activation. My last hope was Delving into a Vader’s Fist which rolled 3 Ranged. He needed 6 damage to kill Greedo and played lightsaber trhow for 2 Damage. I activated Greedo and rolled 2 indirect which made my 5 Damage lethal. He pitched to reroll into 2X and +2X, and I resolved the 3 ranged and he took a shield and Illusioned the last 2 cards of his deck. His only removal was Overconfidence which he used on the cross guard and my Greedo, with the cross guard rolling +2X again and removing my Greedo. With lethal showing on Greedo, my only hope was for Greedo to roll into 2 Damage from his ability to kill Kylo first. I rolled 2 Ranged and won the game.

Game 2 (W): I don’t remember much about this match since we were both mentally exhausted by this point. I killed Kylo first and left Wulf with only an Ancient Lighsaber and getting Rise Again off on Vader to secure the game.

Huge shoutout to Board Game Barrister for hosting a great event! And shoutout to my other team members for cheering me on in the top cut!

As for cards, I put Rend, Solar Sailor, Delve, and Prized Possesion in the Deck to give me some diversity of options and all of them were MVP cards. Rend was meant for Suppressive Fire, but it came in clutch in Top 4 and Finals, allowing me to discard Force Speeds and Dark Presences. Solar Sailor worked surprisingly well, giving me Great focus and Draw power for cheap, and won me every game that I played it in. Prized possession was meant for the Vader Mirrors, but helped immensely against Yoda/ Han, Kylo/ Wulf, and Yoda/ Anakin/ Cassian.

Thank you to everyone I played, I had a blast and it was fun playing against a lot of new faces!

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LegoRacer1 192

Congrats on the win! I didn't manage to go to Milwaukee but I did play you at Green Bay, Incredible player.

Scorpio Bandito - GDPN 347

I wasn’t at the Green Bay one haha Did you go to the Fargo or MN ones?

Dz 63

Congrats on the win.

One thing that caught my attention is rebel traitor activating your Vader at the start of the round. Remember, RT forces you to activate a character (the choice is yours), it's not your opponent's choice of whom. You could of wanted to roll in Vader in that spot, but the way you worded it sounds like that wasn't the case.

Scorpio Bandito - GDPN 347

@KingD21 my bad on the wording, I choose to activate Vader because of the Traitor haha

whataboutb0b 1

about the vader saber resolve after rolling back in, can this only be done on a die that was resolved in a previous turn...since you cant resolve the same die twice in a turn?

PhoenixSquadronDestiny 7

@Scorpio Bandito - CloudCityCasuals That's my bad, I posted that comment to the wrong person, lol. But also congrats on your win! I did not go to Fargo or MN.

master_shapiro 71

Congratulations. I was there also. I had used Sabine/Ezra/double down. It didn’t work out as I planned but congratulations.

xchitown88x 40

Congrats on the win! I was your R4 opponent (we also played at FFG) and it was a blast playing you again! PP a Yoda Die and also Darksaber on Vader were #SuperValue plays lol !

Scorpio Bandito - GDPN 347

@whataboutb0b you’re correct, the Vader die that I rolled back in was resolved the round before, which is why I was able to resolve it

@xchitown88x Thanks man! It’s always a blast playing against you man! That game was definitely closer than the MN game haha