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Snoke is not dead yet - watch the VIDEO - he is still really 2 2 0 1.0
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Widied 1

Working on something similar. From tests Stifle is a great card to keep in mind. It blocks someone from being able to deal effectively with IG-88's dice.

PeoplesChampion 46

That's a great idea! I was just worried about not being able to play Probe or Counterintelligence. But getting down a Stifle would be just as good if not better.

Widied 1

Glad you liked the idea! I definitely got a couple from you so good to give back haha! But I did find that Stifle was key. I like your big stuff weapon strategy, looking to play big mid game to prop up Snoke. I was focusing on a smaller weapons at first but I don't think that works as well, especially when you get the point of just needing to desperately do 2-4 dmg.

PeoplesChampion 46

That's fair. I decided on the big weapon strategy because I started building this deck with the bounties, and when I decided to play Enticing Reward I knew I needed something big that would give me value. That and the fact that I had so many cards dedicated to the bounty strategy, I needed fewer but bigger cards so that I wouldn't be lacking for mitigation.

Fromper 130

The article in your link doesn't load for me.

So have you tested this in actual play yet? I'm putting together a similar deck, but I'm worried about having enough resources to play the big cards. Sure, Enticing Rewardhelps with the guns, but not with Vader's Fist, IG-2000, or the pay sides of all your dice. If you can get your battlefield and if you can play a Dead Or Alive in the first round, you should be fine, but it seems like the deck may be too reliant on those risky "ifs".

PeoplesChampion 46

@Fromper, you are absolutely correct, this deck does depend on a lot of "ifs," but it was a theory craft from before the set dropped. Unfortunately I haven't been able to test it because of certain elusive cards (gotta get that Pulse Cannon). I am very excited to try this out, but I agree that it will be too swingy to be a good deck. I'm sorry the article didn't load. I tried it out, and it loaded fine for me. I'm sure you could find it at www.thegamechief.com under their blogs section. Otherwise I'm at a loss too.

Widied 1

It’s alot better than you think at getting money. u often win your battlefield with ig’s crazy dice. Ontop of that u have four ways to get into dead or alive and that card is insane. Though my deck isnt exactly the same its close. Early game u want to pulse cannon snoke and force them into tough decisions around what to mitigate. Pulse cannon is just nuts. Keep it and play it turn one. I have found that stifle and pulse cannon allow me to get away with ig shinanigans and if they deal with ig then i get pulse cannon shinanigans. Win/win!

This is the list ive been trying: Upgrade (5 5 )

x2 DX-2 Disruptor Blaster Pistol () x2 Pulse Cannon () x1 vibrocutlass () Downgrade (6 )

x1 Chancellor's Edict x2 Dead Or Alive x1 Enticing Reward x2 Wanted Support (7 3 )

x2 Bounty Board x2 IG-2000 () x2 Stifle x1 Vader's Fist () Event (12 )

x2 Beguile x2 Doubt x2 Forsaken x2 Hidden Motive x1 Isolation x1 Paid Off x2 Take Flight