Mr.Chip - Discard to Reroll | Top 8 Prime (Just Games) Deck

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Thunder 309

Tips and analysis on Monday's episode of Discard to Reroll join the conversation today. Free Discord!

Matchups by the Rounds:

R1: eSaw/ePadme (w, 1-0) R2: Red Palp (w, 2-0) R3: Satine droids w fateful and ec3po (l, 2-1) R4: I forgot but I won...sry (3-1) R5: Reylo (L, 3-2) R6: eJango/eDengar Any Means Necessary (w, 4-2)

Top 8 - Yellow Palp (l 0-2).

Even a causally competitive guy like myself can have a good day. The best part about this experience was seeing everyone having a great time playing the game they love. thank you everyone!

5 comentários

Mr_Chip 58

How could I forget - round 4 was a win against Dan playing a shield crazy eYoda / eAayla deck. Dan is one of my favorite players to play and the nicest guy in Destiny!

Whizzard 14

I really like the deck idea. Did you ever run into a moment where Bacta Therapy could have helped?

pezyo 22

Congrats! Looks like a fun deck.

Mr_Chip 58

Thanks! @Whizzard- it might have... many times, especially against Palp, I was wishing for Separatist Embargo. Two copies - one to stop his DM, second to stop HIS Bacta... or at least his Fatal Blow. Either way - I think I need something to help in that match-up.

Mr_Chip 58

Oh and Embargo is unique. Thanks, Ray!