KC Prime 2nd Place 11/9/19

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MalaciousMawloc 151

Cutting Fickle for a Second Megas, a Security Droid, or something else.

Round 1: Palp/Watto-He played 5 Abilities round 1, both Fists in bottom 10. Loss

Round 2: 4-LOM-Neither of us dropped a support round 1 bc he knew I had DM but I drew no supports. Round 2 I probed a DM and ran away. Win

Round 3:eGrievous/Aphra/SM-Great player, he didn’t find his DMs early enough and I saw both. Win

Round 4:Iden/Beckett-Close game due to some hot rolls on his part-and me misplaying and Delving Fist before I probed. But I had too much health in the end. Win

Round 5:eBeckett/FoST/SM-No reps against Beckett hurt me a lot this game. Additionally I didn’t draw any DMs and he rolled 2 Disrupt round 1 2 and 3 on his Megablaster Trooper die. Loss

Round 6: eJango/Grievous/SM-6 Games, 6 DM matches. I discarded a Megas from his hand round 1 and he didn’t get another bomb until round 3. Win

Top 8: Becket 3-Wide part 2. I learned from Swiss and knew Destiny is easy-just draw DM. Also adapted a little to playing around Beckett. 2 very close games but 2-0

Top 4: Reylo-FINALLY NO DM! Delve+Fist wins games, quick 2-0.

Finals: Chopper FC- Up against the mitigation heavy Chopper variant. Probed well and took game 1. Last game 2 pretty easy, missed the important supports when I needed them and Shane played real tight. Lost game 3, saw 6/8 mitigation cards in the top 10 cards, and no supports until the end of round 2.

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Drop it like it's Hutt 160

What led you to going eAphra instead of eGrievous?

WGHunter 83

My e Aphra brother! Good work man - Hunter